BEAMS JAPAN (Shinjuku) showcasing masterpieces from all over Japan

December 7, 2018

BEAMS JAPAN (Shinjuku) is showcasing masterpieces from all over Japan!


A collab project with the onsen (hot spring) town of Beppu, Oita prefecture. Featuring 'unique souvenirs' like drinks and cosmetics that are made with the onsen water from the area and popular local confectionary.
Event running until Tuesday, 18th December

Mikan Nouveau 2018

Juice, jelly and other products made with the wonderful mikans (mandarin oranges) of Ehime, 'mikan nouveau' produced with freshly harvested onshuu mikan this season and a BEAMS exclusive 'Japan blend' mikan juice are among the line up. 'Stuff a bag sale' of onshuu mikans to be held on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th, December.
Event running until Tuesday, 25th December

'tet.' pop-up

Kagawa prefecture is responsible of producing 90% of made-in-Japan gloves. 'tet.' is active in revitalizing local industries through their brand. A wide range of their gloves and some BEAMS bespoke pairs will grace the stall throughout the event.
Event running until Tuesday, 25th December

BEAMS JAPAN 1F(Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan)

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