Exhibition by Musician Chara; 'Chara Art Forest [LITTLE HEARTBEAT]'

January 9, 2019

Musician Chara's installation exhibiting at B Gallery, Shinjuku BEAMS JAPAN 5F, encapsulates the mystical world of the picture book, [LITTLE HEARTBEAT], co-created by Chara and her sister, Mitsuko Watabiki.

[LITTLE HEARTBEAT], a fantasy story written by Chara and illustrated by Mitsuko Watabiki, is about a girl living a quiet life in some part of the world who embarks on an adventure where she meets all sorts of beings, born out of a creative mind and childhood family memories and experiences of the two creaters. The special set includes a track by Chara made especially for the publication, 'Mada minu anata-e' (For you, who I have yet to meet).

Picture book with CD

Author and Illustrator: Miwa Watabiki, Mitsuko Watabiki
Design: Naoya Yoshida (HIBA)
Editor: Yousuke Fujiki (B GALLERY)
Publisher: BEAMS Co., Ltd.
Price: 5,000yen (ex. tax)



Debuted with single 'Heaven' in September 1991, Chara is a unique female solo artist whose consistent theme of song writing has been 'love'. Enamouring many with her distinctive music and style, she won the 1992 Japan Record Award for best rock/pop album from a new artist. Her album 'Junior Sweet' became a million-seller hit and she reached stardom due also to her influential life-style, reinventing the modern woman. In 2014, Chara and her daughter, Sumire, were chosen as brand ambassadors to the new global brand 'KOE', by fashion industry pioneer, CROSS COMPANY INC. (renamed STRIPE INTERNATIONAL INC. in 2016). Chara is her music, continuing to create with every fiber of her being. Marking 25 years of her musical career in September 2016, she released the celebratory album 'Sympathy' in 2017. December 2017 saw the start of her DJ career as DJ Chara, at a self-organised event. In May 2018, she completed a national tour of six gigs, with an encore Bluenote tour of 16 shows. Now in her 26th year at 50 years old, she is as passionate and driven as ever.

Mitsuko Watabiki

Studied print making in the Faculty of Fine Arts, Nihon University College of Art. After graduating she joined her father's aluminium art casting company. Currently lives in Okayama prefecture.

until Monday, 14th January 2019
B Gallery ( BEAMS JAPAN 5F; Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan )

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