Pop-up 'Whole Love Kyoto®'

January 16, 2019

BEAMS JAPAN is hosting a pop-up of Kyoto born fashion brand 'Whole Love Kyoto®'.

The event will showcase the label's iconic 'HANAO SHOES' and unique items made with traditional craftsmanship of Kyoto. 'HANAO SHOES' are inspired by traditional Japanese socks worn with kimono 'shiro-tabi' and Japanese footwear 'geta' and 'zori' that have toe thongs called 'hanao', a Y-shaped padded strap. 'HANAO SHOES' combine 'hanao' of different colours and patterns with white sneakers. Whole Love Kyoto® are passionate about working with products made in Japan, mainly use 'hanao' by the brand 'Kikunokonomi', a purveyor to the Imperial Household, and shoes by MOONSTAR.

'HANAO SHOES' can be made to order, where you can pick your own 'hanao' and shoes.

Not only are these eye-catching 'HANAO SHOES' perfect for daily wear, they are fun addition for a unique kimono style.

- Tue 22nd January 2019
BEAMS JAPAN ( Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan )

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