BEAMS F 40th Anniversary

January 23, 2019

BEAMS F started in 1978, in a cozy little space of around 8m². F stands for 'Future', and the label offers men who grew up with BEAMS casual clothing, a selection of mature items for their next stage of life.

The line-up initially centred around the American east coast Trad culture, including preppy and marine styles. Gradually classic items from around the world, from America, England, France and Italy, joined the line-up in a BEAMS F way of style.

BEAMS F continues to present 'modern classic', catching on the smallest changes in the genre known for consistency.

BEAMS F 40th Archive

Iconic pieces curated by BEAMS F over the 40 years that have gained popularity. Some items have come full circle and are in trend now.


From mid to late '90s archive. The renowned Japanese tailoring factory 'RING JACKET' with the iconic French-style fish-mouth lapel.


Late '80s saw a French Trad boom in Japan, while OLD ENGLAND was making a name for itself in Paris. Many items were manufactured in England around this period, as was this AUSTIN REED jacket. The 2-button low notch lapel was the European standard of the time, and was considered Parisian style to pair with white denims or yellow pants.


Early '80s archive. Features water resistant material and hollow toggles seen in Fishermen's clothing, known as the root of the duffle coat. Also popular among BEAMS F staff of the time, as 'the real duffle'. Braided toggle fastenings and form of storm patch, makes this a unique variation to the British duffle coat that is now known as the standard.


The 'shooter' model still available today is made with the brand's iconic cotton material 'Grenfell cloth'. This particular one was produced in the mid '90s and the texture differs to the current model. Showcasing Grenfell's attention to detail through features inspired by hunting wear like the gun patch and belted waist, complete the design that would be perfect even paired with Italian designer wear of today.


The famous photograph of The Duke of Windsor in Shetland knitwear inspired us to introduce authentic masterpieces. The hand knitted knitwear of their earlier years was sturdier and luxuriant than the hand framed versions of today.


Late '80s archive. Being a bespoke shoemaker, the ready-made items were supplied by EDWARD GREEN and CROCKETT & JONES. The apron front loafers, left, reproduced by CROCKETT & JONES as 'GAVIN', are available now.


The whole decade from the mid '80s to the mid '90s, this English brand was the main supplier of shirts and it was granted the royal warrant form the Duke of Edinburgh. The BEAMS F standard was a snap tab collar version.