First in the world! Netflix x BEAMS collab items released!

June 2, 2021

World’s most popular streaming service Netflix has a user base in more than 190 countries. Netflix x BEAMS are collaborating to release a collection that will be the first in the world.

 Also on this date, Netflix original animation EDEN is released, in conjunction with EDEN x BEAMS collab items.

Their shared ethos “Continuing to create new culture to entertain the world” brought the two brands together. The two collections will be pre-released on BEAMS official online shop and will hit ‘Netflix x BEAMS POP-UP STORES’ set up at select BEAMS stores on Tuesday 1st June. Starting Tuesday 8th June, the collab items will start to be available stores in the rest of the world including north America.


Apparel and items including 13 T-shirts have been created with the hopes to include viewers as if part of the production team and they will 
‘enjoy time at home through the collab items’.

Overseas stores will start sales of the items from early July 2021. Netflix official website is due to announce store details at a later date.


Graphics of key motifs, scenes and dialogue are designed on the items in simple format, with a playful energy. Almost all of the seven items include a patch of an apple, a vital item of the programme.

Sales will start in overseas stores on Tuesday 8th June 2021. Netflix official website is due to announce store details at a later date.


The completely new Netflix original anime series EDEN is created by a team of Japanese and non Japanese creators and directed by Yasuhiro Irie, renown for such work as FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST.
EDEN is a world inhabited only by robots, are humans really redundant? An SF fantasy where a girl Sara, brought up by two robots, faces the world. A story like no other! Streaming worldwide on Netflix.