<BEAMS> thinks it’s time to revisit the basics, since the styles inspired by street culture has reached its heyday. Not something to be worn for the next 10 years, but just the basic Mr. Right Now. For example, garments made out of 2way stretch nylon twill add to the trend, and have exquisite silhouettes that is not too loose. In addition, SY processed fabric has a bumpy surface, allowing the garment to be both light and comfortable with a unique texture. The fabric will not be easily wrinkled, so feel free to wear them every day. Just wash them at home, since they are low maintenance pieces. Stitches and details are extremely minimal, so they can be dressed up or down. Two styles of the pants are available in different silhouettes. The fabric stretches in both directions so bending and stretching at the legs is totally possible. The waist is set at a specific spot so you can wear it at the waist or hips. Pair it with anything, because it represents the present form of , even in the basics.