Californian IVY(カリフォルニアン アイビー)

Californian IVY(カリフォルニアン アイビー)

2014 Spring & Summer Californian IVY




The theme takes place in San Francisco from the late 1950s to the early 1960s. In this late period of the Golden Age of America, the young enjoyed dressing themselves sporty, colorfully, and refreshingly, editing the east coast rooted IVY style by adding a bit of west coast essence. The west coast culture and weather inspired the young generation’s ways of dressing American traditional in their own unique style. BEAMS PLUS presents a brand new collection that features the styles of students in this age who devoted themselves to rock and roll, girl hunting, dance parties, and surfing. “Californian Ivy” is a cheerful and casual style with bright colors such as orange and royal blue, and also a fusion of sportswear such as sweatshirts and windbreakers and basic American traditional items.

Beams Plus Concept





Focusing on the American uniforms in mid 1940s to mid 1960s.

Taking the advantage of booming economy, the national strength of US has remarkably grown during that golden age. Those uniforms produced by advanced mass production system are particular to US and they’re the origin of men’s basic wear today.

Most of the items of American traditional wear, work wear, sportswear and military uniforms are backed up by functionality and every detail has meaning. BEAMS PLUS suggests the updated styles of those uniforms based on the deep appreciation and understanding.