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The Tohoku region is blessed by nature. Sendai city, the center of Tohoku region, has a lot of handicrafts tradition based on the region’s unique climate and history. These handicrafts are the beautiful results created by craftsmen who cherish this tradition. We want you to take a look at these crafts, know them and hold them in your hands. So... a new creation has just begun.
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The label <fennica> from BEAMS Inc. serves as a bridge between design and craft. It presents a style that combines traditional Japanese handicraft with new and old designs mainly collected from northern Europe. This is the journey of Terry Ellis, Keiko Kitamura and Akishi Sugiura experiencing the traditional craft arts in Sendai, Miyagi.


Terry Ellis & Keiko Kitamura

Buyers at BEAMS London branch since 1986. They are the very first who introduced "Emillio Pucci" and "Helmut Lang" brands to Japan.
They started "BEAMS MODERN LIVING" and feature northern Europe's "Artek," and "Marimekko" designs and the Japanese "butterfly stool" by Sori Yanagi.
They are a lead presence in the interior design business and started a boom in folk art.

Akishi Sugiura

Joined BEAMS Inc. in 1996. He manages product planning and carries domestic and international handicrafts as merchandiser of the label <fennica>.

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Te to Te to Te -Sendai Traditional Crafts

The website features Sendai's great craft arts with beautiful designs and photos.

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