A special Sperry TOP-SIDER model directed by BEAMS PLUS has been released worldwide!

June 15, 2023

BEAMS PLUS, which has been cutting into the fast-growing footwear scene from a unique perspective, has invited Sperry TOP-SIDER, a long-established American footwear brand founded in 1935, to be its partner in a new project, and will release a special model of "MIL CVO" inspired by the brand's history.

New Haven, Connecticut, known as an academic city which has produced numerous presidents.However, this city which is located in the northern part of the East Coast and has long flourished as a good natural harbor.Paul Sperry, the founder of the brand, was a sailor born into a family who loved the sea, and his experience of slipping on a wet deck led him to develop an innovative rubber sole that would not slip, even on a boat. His accomplishments earned him instant fame, especially among cruising clubs.

BEAMS PLUS, which pursues authenticity in menswear, became the frontman for this global project, which began with the story of how these shoes became one of the official shoes of the U.S. Navy due to their outstanding reliability and functionality.
Boat shoes for military use, equipped with Sperry soles with signature corrugated cutouts, supported the feet of not only the Navy but also the Army, and were so useful that in the past, civilian supply could not keep up with the demand.BEAMS PLUS, which has its roots in the golden age of America(from the 1940s to the 1960s), took a hint from the famous tagline ”Sperry Top-siders are scarce today, but like other good things, they will be back after the war." and expressed the transformation of military wear into a fashion item.

The new "MIL CVO" is produced with a different wooden shoe last from the current "CLOUD CVO" based on the shoe last supplied to the U.S. military in the 1940s, creating a classic atmosphere.In addition to brown, the original color of the military supply, the upper, which features authentic canvas fabric, is available in urban navy and ivory to fit in with the beach and also with the city, where the "Sperry TOP-SIDER" can be appealed to the fullest.

Also, the rubber outsole with excellent grip, which is the identity of "Sperry TOP-SIDER," is retained, and the side tapes connecting the upper and sole are made thicker than usual, which will emphasize the classical look.

On the other hand, the insole provides modern comfort and will be specially designed with a logo and stamp, inspired by the military contractor labels of the time. It will come in a shoe box with its outstanding atmosphere reminiscent of a dead stock that has been lying dormant for many years, further accentuates the concept behind the shoes.

MIL CVO", which combines traditional design and detailing with modern comfort, will be released(pre-sale) in Japan on June 17th (Sat) at BEAMS PLUS stores and the official BEAMS online store.A launch party will then be held locally during Paris Fashion Week and will be premiered for the first time in the world.

BEAMS PLUS pays homage to the craftsmanship and brand history of "Sperry TOP-SIDER," which continues to be universal as a prep style tradition, so don't miss out on this opportunity to own a pair!



Size:25.0cm / 25.5cm / 26.0cm / 26.5cm / 27.0cm / 27.5cm / 28.0cm / 28.5cm / 29.0cm

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