issue 2024 Mar.

以〈BEAMS PLUS〉本季的推薦單品所製作的LOOK特輯。
本次主題為『Spring has come!!』。
春日出遊的〈BEAMS PLUS〉穿搭計畫。

〈BEAMS PLUS〉 LOOK content introduces items that 〈BEAMS PLUS〉
recommends this season,
items that cannot be expressed
only in the 36 seasonal looks.
Using this season's hottest items,
〈BEAMS PLUS〉 proposes coordinated outfits infused with a new story.
The theme of this issue is ”Spring has come!!”.

( STYLE-1 )

This season, 〈BEAMS PLUS〉 has created materials with "lightness"
as the keyword.
Of course, this keyword also applies to outerwear.
The moment you put your sleeves on these new spring clothes,
you will feel their lightness even more. Military blouson in light and light colors.
Elegant and luxurious cotton satin is dropped to give the item's
inherent ruggedness a high-quality impression.
Soft touch and roomy fitting. Blouson with eye-catching distinctive stripes.
The material, formed in a fine geometric pattern when viewed up close,
is woven in jacquard using cotton and polyester yarns.
This design was inspired by the blouson of an American outdoor brand.
Ventilation details are hidden under the large yoke that hides up to the chest.

( STYLE-2 )

This nylon sports jacket is inspired by vintage American wear.
The lightweight material is designed to be easily and carefree, and
can be worn like a shirt.
The unique luster of the classic nylon material
is the result of a special dyeing technique.
The dot pattern is expressed by inkjet printing.

( STYLE-3 )

Breakfast, map in hand, ready to travel. This relaxed style from
〈BEAMS PLUS〉 can also be proposed as loungewear.
This cardigan features an argyle pattern in a transparent mesh knit.
While maintaining a secure and comfortable fit, it is knitted
with a cotton-linen blend that retains a lightness with a cool touch and
The shirt's traditional check pattern is inspired by tartan check.
This simple yet classic style is layered with a B.D. shirt.
The matching pants are easy pants with vintage military wear
as the inspiration source.
The cotton-linen blend yarn of uneven thickness
gives the material a unique surface look.

  • Shirt: BEAMS PLUS

  • Shirt: BEAMS PLUS

  • Pants: BEAMS PLUS

( STYLE-4 )

Light brown field jacket with distinctive front pocket work.
You won't find a chambray canvas fabric woven with yarn-dyed threads
anywhere else.
The lightness and soft touch are expressed by rubbing
and beating the material.
You will feel the lightness of the fabric when you put
your sleeves on it, while retaining the heaviness of its appearance.
A hat and blouson with a glimpse of a yacht pattern. The print is inspired
by vintage sailing parkas.
The outer fabric is cotton, but laminated
with a breathable and windproof film, making it a hi-tech fabric that looks
and feels unbelievable.
Reversible for a different look and styling.
Both items allow you to enjoy the gap between the two.

( STYLE-5 )

For outdoor style, choose an item that doesn't mind inclement weather.
This brightly colored mountain parka is based on a mountain parka
from the late 1960's, with classic details,
but updated with hi-tech materials. 2.5-layer nylon material.
The 2.5-layer nylon material should be enough to withstand a bit of rain and wind.
This cruiser jacket is made of a shiny, glossy material.
A closer look reveals a school of fish swimming in the water.
The fish pattern is printed on nylon material and transparently laminated on top.
Large ventilation under the yoke reduces stuffiness.
Generous width and short length. A must-have item for active outdoor style.


the season's must and hidden style.

MIL Flight Blouson


Sweat Half Zip

Pocket Tee Multi Stripe

Painter Pants Chambray Canvas

Cruiser Jacket Jacquard Stripe


Crew Cotton Hemp 5G

Painter Pants Cordlane

Sports SHT-JAC Nylon Print


Sweat Pullover

5 Pocket Denim

GUIDE-SHIRT Tartan Plaid

B.D. American Oxford Classic Fit

MIL Easy Cotton Linen

Cardigan Argyle Mesh


Band Collar Pullover Cotton Linen Herringbone

MIL Trousers Multi Color

Field Coat Chambray Canvas

Cotton Linen Vest Alan Pattern


5 Pocket Tapered Pique

Jungle Hat TW Plaid


Cotton Stole Block Print

Sailing Jacket 2L Print


MIL Shawl Jacket Multi Color Hickory

Crew Cable Cotton Linen

2 Pleats Trousers Twill

Jungle Hat 2L Print


Day Pack 2 Compartments


Cruiser Jacket 70D Nylon Print Water Film

Cardigan Patchwork Like Jacquard

Pocket Tee Inlay Stripe


2 Pleats Trousers TW Plaid On Print