BEAMS PLUS 20th Anniversary Film  “What is BEAMS PLUS?”

April 15, 2019

BEAMS PLUS presents 20th anniversary documentary film “What is BEAMS PLUS?”.
Celebrating the label’s 20 years of history, the film takes a closer look into it’s roots and future ahead.
Started in 1999, with a concept of ‘timeless men's clothing’, the label reflects the good-old American styles that BEAMS grew up on.

The 20th anniversary film will be released on Monday, 15th April in conjunction with the launch of BEAMS PLUS AW19 collection.

About “What is BEAMS PLUS?” In cooperation with supporters of BEAMS PLUS over the past 20 years, the film inquires the essence of the label featuring key figures and brands who has played important roles establishing the label.