BEAMS COUTURE X Ziploc® Collection Launches in the US at Fred Segal Sunset

April 17, 2019

BEAMS collaborated with the Ziploc® brand to create unique and reusable fashion accessories, which were first released in Japan last summer. The limited-edition BEAMS COUTURE X Ziploc collection is now available for the first time outside of Japan, exclusively at Fred Segal Sunset and through its online store.

The BEAMS COUTURE X Ziploc collection is comprised of nine pieces including a sun visor, cap, fanny pack, backpack, tote bag, shoulder bag, pouch, apron and umbrella. Upcycling and remaking are the brand essence of BEAMS COUTURE, a BEAMS private label that uses vintage parts and dead stock to create one-of-a-kind fashion pieces. Through meticulous handwork, Ziploc brand bags were taken apart and sewn together to take on new life as wearable fashion items.

To launch the limited-edition collection, BEAMS COUTURE X Ziploc teamed up with Google Translate to roll out a marketing campaign, encouraging customers to use the Google Translate app to discover a hidden URL to purchase product within marketing posters around Los Angeles. Five key pieces are featured in the poster and social media campaign which includes the first-ever Google Translate-enabled streetwear drop.

This fashion project was led by BEAMS COUTURE Creative Director Keisuke Kanda and Designer Romi Mizukami.

“There was a time when my wallet broke, and I improvised by carrying my money and receipts in a Ziploc bag. The pink and blue lines, all too familiar a sight from inside the refrigerator, were secretly hidden in my pocket as I was out in the city – and to my surprise, I felt excited. It was a fashion moment. Not long after, I sewed some pockets onto it to keep my cards organized and to hold my phone, then sewed on some shoulder straps to carry it like a bag. Friends started asking where they can buy one. I did not think there would come a time when these ideas would turn into official products to be sold at BEAMS, and further, in the US where Ziploc is originally from. Moments like these make fashion interesting. I am deeply grateful to everyone that helped make this happen,” explained Keisuke Kanda, BEAMS COUTURE Creative Director.

Romi Mizukami, BEAMS COUTURE Designer, continued, “The process of sewing Ziploc bags was entirely manual, and the non-fabric material was very difficult to sew. I designed the pieces to be unisex so that they can be easily styled by anyone. BEAMS COUTURE typically incorporates feminine details such as ribbons and frills, but the Ziploc collection is designed for anyone of any age. My personal recommendations are the fanny pack and umbrella. I hope you have fun styling these transparent pieces! We are grateful that the Ziploc brand supported our unprecedented idea to use Ziploc bags for fashion pieces, and for letting us share our creations with our audience in Japan and now the US and the rest of the world.”

The entire collection made out of Ziploc brand bags will be on display at Fred Segal Sunset, where consumers are welcome to take photos utilizing the poster backdrops, which will be recreated in the pop-up space. Products are available for purchase in-store after April 8 until supplies last.

Fred Segal was among the first to introduce BEAMS to America in 2011 and since has been a strong advocate of the BEAMS brand. This marks the very first retail project for BEAMS in the US, and because of its unique nature, the BEAMS COUTURE X Ziploc collaboration collection and campaign have been placed in the hands of a trusted partner, Fred Segal.

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