issue 2023 Oct.

〈BEAMS PLUS〉が今シーズンおすすめする

The new season's LOOK contents using items recommended
〈BEAMS PLUS〉 for this season. With over 700 items
and variations, there are items that cannot
be fully expressed in only 36
seasonal looks released in the beginning of the season.
Using the
season's hottest items, a new story has been infused to create a
coordinated look.
As the temperature drops, it is finally time to put on
your fall clothes.
We hope you will find your favorite items.

( STYLE-1 )

Mountain parkas paired with a backpack.
Even heavy-duty styles take on an urban flair through material and color
The mountain parka features a cotton-like fabric, perfect for the
fall and winter season with its lined design.
Alongside, we have the 2
Pleats Trousers, showcasing a striking original fabric with tartan checks
and printed wild birds.

( STYLE-2 )

The shirt being worn is made of corduroy,
a classic material for the BEAMS PLUS fall-winter season.
It offers a versatile texture and eye-catching patterns.
The original fabric is inspired by vintage shirt materials.
We've also paid attention to the prints, so please do take a look
and feel the material's quality inside and out.

( STYLE-3 )

In Yamagata, specifically in Yonezawa,
we've crafted numerous Jacquard fabrics with meticulous attention.
Among them, the series featuring camouflage patterns
has transformed rugged aesthetics into fashion items through material usage.
We're extremely pleased with the results, which are undoubtedly unique
and beyond our expectations, something you won't easily find elsewhere.

( STYLE-4 )

The new jacket is inspired by a military shawl-style denim jacket.
The exquisitely colored stripe material is an original fabric named
"colored hickory stripe" sampled
from Vintage workwear of the 1950's.
Worn as a set-up, it creates a very masculine style.

( STYLE-5 )

The one-button style shawl collar jacket is inspired by tuxedo
jackets and smoking jackets.
Arrange the use of materials to create
a cardigan style that can be worn in a relaxed, sporty atmosphere.
This jacket also goes well with a scarf around the neck.


the season's must and hidden style.