issue 2023 Nov.

〈BEAMS PLUS〉が今シーズンおすすめする
今回のテーマは、『SET-UP STYLE』。

〈BEAMS PLUS〉 LOOK contents feature items recommended by
BEAMS PLUS for this season.
Some items cannot be fully expressed
in the 36 seasonal looks alone.
Using the season's hottest items,
we have infused a new story and created a coordinated look.
The theme this time is "SET-UP STYLE."

( STYLE-1 )

The material, named cotton moll tweed,
has a three-dimensional appearance like classic corduroy
and a soft, fluffy feel. The double-breasted and two-pleated set-up style
can be arranged with the use of the material
for a sporty and comfortable look.

( STYLE-2 )

〈BEAMS PLUS〉 Original tartan check is woven
using New Zealand wool for the warp and recycled polyester for the weft.
By weaving in colorful yarn dyed in a kasuri pattern,
the classic pattern and coloring gives a pop impression.
The cuff jacket, popular for its shirt-jacket-like comfort,
and military motif sleeping pants create a relaxed set-up style.

( STYLE-3 )

Double cloth woven with thick count combed yarn.
Classic, autumn-winter look.
Heavy feel but with a light touch.
The bulky feel characteristic of double weave
and the use of combed yarns give it a luxurious feel.
This is exactly the kind of set-up style we recommend for
those who want to wear a shirt with a tie-up for a perfect look.

( STYLE-4 )

A powerful use of materials. A mix of corduroy and prints.
The corduroy fabric is called "Oyako Cole" with alternating ridges of
different thicknesses,
and the Batik and Paisley patterns
inspired by Vintage Shirts and Jackets are printed on it.
The deep, three-dimensional finish is excellent for a variety of styles,
from classic to sporty, and can be coordinated to create a variety of
The set-up style of the short blouson and two-pleat trousers
gives the impression that trumpet music can be heard from somewhere.

( STYLE-5 )

Native patterned boa material finished in jacquard.
Jacket, vest, and pants lineup.
Patterned coordinate with outdoor-like items.
The detailed pattern is expressed in jacquard,
giving you a soft and comfortable feel.
This material is perfect for a sporty town use style or a relaxed style.