nanadecor High-quality organic cotton
Stress-free and gentle texture. Have a comfortable maternity life!
Childcare depends on the baby carrier♪
Can't start without a baby carrier! This is a must-have item that will support your outings with your baby.
TEMBEA Items that support life with children
Introducing items that will fit into your daily life and also improve your mood and convenience!
母子手帳ケース | 妊娠初期の準備
Innerwear | Preparation for early pregnancy

merrier BEAMS

(merrier BEAMS)

Born in 2004 as an online-only maternity label. In 2015, we restarted as a maternity and nursing label under the direction of < Kodomo BEAMS >. We have a wide range of clothing and miscellaneous goods to help you enjoy your life with your baby, from the time you are about to give birth to your new mother.

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