< KEITA MARUYAMA > Exhibition event “THE SHOW TIME” held


KEITA MARUYAMA is created by designer Keita Maruyama and is known for its couture-like materials and techniques, as well as its unique worldview. A valuable series custom Special order made by Vermeerist BEAMS Vermeerist BEAMS now available in the same brand that is attracting attention from all over the world.

Sukajan, which is usually embroidered with tigers and dragons, has embroidery of clowns and animals on the front, which is KEITA MARUYAMA 's original design with a "circus" motif. Furthermore, on the back, a performing elephant is boldly embroidered with sequins, creating a luxurious and statement piece. In addition to the sukajan, two cashmere cardigans featuring a swan motif and beautiful flower embroidery are also available. All items are special items that can only be obtained from < Vermeerist BEAMS >.

Furthermore, to commemorate the release of the Special order items, an exhibition event called "The SHOW TIME" will be held at the "Vermeerist BEAMS" store in Harajuku, where you can enjoy KEITA MARUYAMA 's bold and delicate creations and the brand's unique worldview. The archive collection and artwork of < KEITA MARUYAMA > will be on display, and this is a valuable opportunity for you to feel the trajectory of designer Keita Maruyama over the past 20 years. Please come visit our store.

Date and time
August 19th (Friday) - August 28th (Sunday), 2016
Vermeerist BEAMS
(International Gallery BEAMS B1F)


Thursday, August 25, 2016 20:30-21:00

To commemorate the event, a talk show between designer Keita Maruyama and BEAMS CEO Hiroshi Shitara will be streamed live for free on FRESH! by Abema TV!

Viewing URL: https://abemafresh.tv/official2/33705

*Available for viewing on all PC and smartphone models.