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Bags and shoes that you want to incorporate into your styling
Introducing all the bag and shoe items you want to incorporate into your styling!
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Sofas, stools, tables and more! Introducing the interior furniture proposed by fennica, which is now accepting orders and on sale!
Recommended items for interior design by Keijusha
Introducing carp streamers, postcard boxes, and accessory cases from Keijusha that will add color and fun to your life
Utensils that decorate your dining table and enrich your daily life
I want to use it every day to brighten up my life! Introducing recommended pottery
Colorful dining table, charming handcrafted glass
Introducing 〈Glassblowing Studio Kohaku〉〈Hakuara Glassware Manufacturing〉〈Iranian Glass〉



In 2003, with the theme of "bridging design and craft," he announced a style that fuses traditional handicrafts, mainly from Japan, with new and old designs, mainly from Scandinavia. Based on the concept of "less global, more local," we offer products that go beyond the scope of our previous selections, from men's and women's wear collected from all over the world to tableware, interior decoration, and even food. It's all set.

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